End the Struggles and Have Fun Potty Training Your Child

When you partner with your child using our Potty Training Program getting potty trained is easy as 1,2,3.

This is a must have kit for all parents potty training their children,

typically developing or with those with special needs.  I train parents to Parent Smarter not harder. This kit will help you potty train smarter not harder. 

As a single parent of 3 babies very close in age I was concerned about potty training my children.

My daughter was able to be potty trained by 2 1/2, with a lot of stress on my part, having to clean many accidents, wet beds and clothes for several months. 


My twin sons (one with Autism), weren't even interested in potty training at that age.  I thought I would not even try and they could be potty trained once they reached kindergarten. I thought of all the stress I went through with my daughter and did not think I could handle it with two boys, double the accidents, double the laundry, double my stress overload. 


I then created a Miracle Potty Training Kit and my twin boys practically potty trained themselves in 10 days including night and day.

I am now offering you this wonderful kit.

I have worked with children with and without special needs for 20 years.  This kit has worked for all the children I have worked with; at all different ages, stages and with all different abilities.  


I use all three learning modalities, visual, auditory and hands on.  There are songs, games and tons of information, advice and support. 

It works and it continues to work for others and it will work for you.

Why work hard, be stressed, when your child can literally potty train themselves in as little as 2 weeks (give or take depending on abilities)?


Give it a try, you have nothing to lose and tons to gain.  


I am here to help families help their children.  This is one area that we can all use expert, proven advice in.