Self Study: 7 Week Parenting Program + Personalized Assessment​

How To Get Your Child To Talk, Have Better Behavior, and Potty Train in 7 Weeks + Personalized Assessment

Get remarkable results! Learn WHY your child is struggling & HOW to create results within days. Get to the root cause, better understand your child’s brain and body and learn what works.

More than 10 hours of information including strategies

Handouts sll designed to give you knowledge

Tools to get the results you have been waiting for.

Results You Can Expect

  1. Better behavior, Decreased meltdowns,
  2. Increased social skills, Decreased isolation
  3. Increased communication, decrease anxiety
  4. Better concentration, focus, attention, no more Brain Fog
  5. And more!

Your Instructor

Becky Blake

Becky Blake, PhDc Psychoneurology, Behavior expert, published author, international speaker, and Mom of 3 has been on a mission to understand people, behavior, socialization, the brain and body, and how to create a the most compelling future, for over 40 years.

She began by creating a Seattle based school focused on kids with autism and since has used her expertise in the brain and body to serve clients of all ages, on a global scale.

Her programs have been designed to share and expand this great work so that all can access the transition and healing the knowledge provides.

Course Curriculum

Self Study: 7 Week Parenting Program + Personalized Assessment

  • Module 1

    Getting Started

    How to Get Your Brain to Start Looking at a New Way of Life for your Child 

  • Module 2

    Learn the Formula to Get Your Child Happily to comply with you every time and bully-proof your child, Six Human Needs

  • Module 3

    How the Brain Works, How to Help Your Child Learn Smarter, Make Easier Connections

  • Module 4

    Behavior Communications, Learn Techniques to Help Your Child Have a Better Behavior in All areas of Life

  • Module 5

    Optimize Development: What to Truly Focus On, Six Human Needs

  • Module 6

    Better Behavior Neurodevelopmental Profile: The Why and How to create remarkable results

Frequently asked question

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

When does the course start and finish?

The course kick-off/intro is on July 25th, and the official course begins on August 1st! It is a self-paced course with access to Becky Blake in a group Q&A format.

How long do I have access to the course?

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

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